Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

1 Viva Poker Update

Since the Viva Poker tournament was cut down mid-stream by the fuzz, make sure to fill out the Google form to indicate your availability for the second tournament within the next 3 weeks.

0 Reign 2015 Tryouts

The LA women’s team Reign has released their tryout schedule, starting with the all-team open tryouts on April 12.

0 Renegade 2015 Tryouts

The LA Open team Renegade has announced their tryout schedule, starting with the LA multiple team tryouts on April 12.

2 7 Figures 2015 Tryout Schedule

The LA club Mixed team 7 Figures has released their tryout schedule, starting with the all-team tryout/mixer on April 12.

0 Dorado 2015 Tryouts

The San Diego club Mixed team Dorado has released their tryout schedule. The open tryout is on Saturday, April 4 at Kearny Mesa Rec Center in San Diego.

0 Fastlane 2015 Tryouts

Fastlane is a new Mixed club team from LA and Orange County. Their tryouts are this Sunday at 10AM in Irvine.

  1. Red

    6-0 +27 point diff.

  2. Royal

    4-2 +15 point diff.

  3. Green

    3-3 +4 point diff.

  4. Orange

    2-4 -16 point diff.

  5. Yellow

    2-4 -12 point diff.

  6. Hot Pink

    1-5 -18 point diff.

  1. Jabba the Huck It to Princess Leiout

    7-1 +40 point diff.

  2. Imperial March

    4-4 +2 point diff.

  3. Admiral Ackbar

    4-4 -14 point diff.

  4. Empire Strikes Black

    1-7 -28 point diff.


Assuming there are 18 rounds in the Summer League draft, what round do you think you'd be taken in? (If you weren't captaining.)

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