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Gridlock Merchandise On Sale Now


Who’s House? Orchid’s House!

The Orchid took brought down the House of Blues 15-12 in Co-ed Monday night. Pictured here is Orchid’s Jon Johnstone. In Men’s, the Wine Cave beat the Copper Bucket 15-11. One recap today by Randy Sanchez.

Who’s House? Orchid’s House!


Epic Summer League Match-Ups

When the Gold Room faces The Mint next Monday, it’s likely to take its place among the greatest late-season match-ups in Summer League history. Here’s a little recap of the previous best of the best.

Epic Summer League Match-Ups


Follow the L.A. Club Teams 2014

For those of you interested in how the L.A. club season is going, here’s a section that I’ll keep updated through October so you can follow along.

Follow the L.A. Club Teams 2014


Summer League 2014

The drafts have been completed. Rosters and schedules are up. I’m finishing Men’s right now. The Summer League pre-season party is 2PM Sunday at Dockweiler Beach. And the league starts on Monday.

Summer League 2014

0 Super Cali Fragile Disc Roster 2014

Adam Ruderman Bryan Monroe Carl Edwards Chris Fontes Clif Smith Cliff Hanna Daniel Tjioe Douglas McLaughlin Greg d’Eloia Jamal Yusof Jeff Talbot Lance Larson Louis Bair Matthew Shaff Maxwell Conn Mike Dow Nate Austin Richard Hale Brown Roger Chan Steve Barrett Steve Loh Stewart Brock Trey Paulissen

3 The Return of the Recap

One late recap from Cameron Westbury from the Onyx Lounge vs. Aqua Lounge game Friday night where Onyx won 17-12.

Pictured here is Onyx’s Andrew Schwartz.

0 7 Figures Roster 2014

Aaron “AJ” Jacobs Alisha Stoun Ann Lee Annie “Blondie” Lee Brandon Severson Caitlin Rugg Carter Thallon Chris Feeney Connie Wang Dan “Dot” Oettinger Dan Smeltzer Daniel “Peaches” Walton Emma Frankel Eric Brach Erika Swanson Gary Molano Jacob Bartholomew Joe Forbes Kaily Smitson Kristen Pojunis Lisa Kanner Matt Welsh Nils Clauson Orin Moore Russell “Spike” Gaskamp Ryan [...]

0 Leaving on a Win

Aqua Lounge beat Redwood Bar & Grill 13-12 Wednesday night in Men’s. And in Co-ed, Red Lion Tavern beat Pearl’s Liquor Bar 17-8. This is the last website recap for a couple weeks while I’ll be in Europe. Spike will be updating the front page standings while I’m away. You can post recaps to the LAOUT Facebook page.

2 Gold Lulls Orchid to Sleep

The Gold Room won the battle of undefeateds 17-7 over The Orchid in Co-ed Tuesday night. Pictured here is Orchid’s Daniel Kwok. In Men’s, the Onyx Loung won 17-10 over the Wine Cave. Recaps today by Blitzkrieg, Lili Gu and Cameron Westbury.

0 Black is the New Gold

The Black Boar topped the Silverlake Lounge 15-13 Monday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Black’s Sam Messe and DK. In Men’s, the Green Door stayed undefeated with a 17-11 win over the Whitehorse Inn. Recaps today by the X-Factor and b-saus.

  1. Gold Room

    7-0 +34 point diff.

  2. The Mint

    5-1 +34 point diff.

  3. The Orchid

    6-2 +17 point diff.

  4. Green Street Tavern

    4-2 +19 point diff.

  5. Ranch Saloon in Orange County

    4-2 +6 point diff.

  6. Black Boar

    4-2 0 point diff.

  7. Red Lion Tavern

    3-3 +7 point diff.

  8. Silverlake Lounge

    3-4 +3 point diff.

  9. Rainbow Bar & Grill

    1-5 -13 point diff.

  10. Pearl's Liquid Bar

    1-6 -33 point diff.

  11. House of Blues

    1-6 -33 point diff.

  12. Wood and Vine

    0-6 -41 point diff.

  1. Green Door

    6-1 +24 point diff.

  2. Onyx Lounge

    6-1 +27 point diff.

  3. Wine Cave

    5-3 +14 point diff.

  4. Whitehorse Inn

    3-4 -6 point diff.

  5. Aqua Lounge

    3-4 -5 point diff.

  6. Copper Bucket

    3-5 0 point diff.

  7. Redwood Bar & Grill

    2-5 -30 point diff.

  8. Blu Monkey Bar

    1-6 -24 point diff.


Who do you think will win the game next Monday between Gold Room and The Mint?

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