Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


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LAOUT is a group of people dedicated to promoting and facilitating the sport of ultimate in the Los Angeles area.

LAOUT Officers:

President: Andy Bandit
Vice President: Brian Calle
Treasurer: Jeff Chai
Webmaster: Andy Sammons
Winter League TD: Mike Peebler
Summer League TD: Andy Bandit
Women’s League TD: Crissy Vega
Beach League TD: Matthew ‘Goat’ Colchamiro
Field Space Guru: Andy Bandit
Sponsorship Coordinator: Matthew ‘Goat’ Colchamiro
Youth Coordinator: Benjamin Brin
Director of Government Relations: Alison Regan

LAOUT Sponsorship Information

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  1. Jeff Chai is multiple treasurers?

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  2. So who is interested in Grand Masters? UPA just posted the information and I would be interested in forming a So. Cal. Southwest team.

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  3. How about a general laout message board as part of laout.org

    just a place for locals to start a topic related to socal disc (or maybe not so related) that might not already included on the home page, instead of being forced to comment on a topic that’s not so much related…

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  4. Hi Steve,

    We are planning on adding a forum. We actually had one in place during the build of the new site, but the plugin we were using to during the build became incompatible with the version of WordPress that we ended up launching the site with. It was pretty cool, because you could post using your same username that we use for the site registration.

    I’ll take a look to see if that plugin has been updated to be compatible with the version of WordPress we’re using.

    Good idea though, and way to bring it up. It would certainly be cool to get that running again.

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