Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Game Recaps

0 Red Wins Battle of the Taverns

In the only game played Wednesday night, the Red Lion Tavern edged the Green Street Tavern 15-13 in Co-ed. Pictured here is Red’s Dory. Recaps by Sophie Hines and Foca.

0 Gold teeth stain a Pearly white smile

The Gold Room stays undefeated with a 17-5 win over Pearl’s Liquor Bar Tuesday night in Co-ed. Also in Co-ed, the Ranch Saloon in Orange County won 17-7 over Wood & Vine. One recap today by Dot.

1 Who’s House? Orchid’s House!

The Orchid took brought down the House of Blues 15-12 in Co-ed Monday night. Pictured here is Orchid’s Jon Johnstone. In Men’s, the Wine Cave beat the Copper Bucket 15-11. One recap today by Randy Sanchez.

4 The Return of the Recap

One late recap from Cameron Westbury from the Onyx Lounge vs. Aqua Lounge game Friday night where Onyx won 17-12.

Pictured here is Onyx’s Andrew Schwartz.

0 Leaving on a Win

Aqua Lounge beat Redwood Bar & Grill 13-12 Wednesday night in Men’s. And in Co-ed, Red Lion Tavern beat Pearl’s Liquor Bar 17-8. This is the last website recap for a couple weeks while I’ll be in Europe. Spike will be updating the front page standings while I’m away. You can post recaps to the LAOUT Facebook page.

2 Gold Lulls Orchid to Sleep

The Gold Room won the battle of undefeateds 17-7 over The Orchid in Co-ed Tuesday night. Pictured here is Orchid’s Daniel Kwok. In Men’s, the Onyx Loung won 17-10 over the Wine Cave. Recaps today by Blitzkrieg, Lili Gu and Cameron Westbury.

0 Black is the New Gold

The Black Boar topped the Silverlake Lounge 15-13 Monday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Black’s Sam Messe and DK. In Men’s, the Green Door stayed undefeated with a 17-11 win over the Whitehorse Inn. Recaps today by the X-Factor and b-saus.

5 Gold Room Roasts the Boar, and then roasts themselves

The Gold Room held back the Black Boar 17-15 in Co-ed Friday night. Pictured here is Gold’s Yeti. Also in Co-ed, the Orchid beat down the Ranch Saloon of Orange County 17-6. Recaps today by Lili Gu, Spike and Randy Sanchez.

0 Excruciating

Blu Monkey Bar had a big comeback against Aqua Lounge to win 18-16 in Men’s Thursday night. Pictured here is Blue’s Joel Trager. In Co-ed, the Green Street Tavern beat Wood & Vine 17 -7. Recaps today by myself, Darren Whitwood and Sophie Hines.

0 Redwood is Drenched in Wine

The Wine Cave served up the Redwood Bar & Grill 17-4 in Men’s Wednesday night. Picture here is Wine’s “Magic Mike” Lichterman. In Co-ed, the Red Lion Tavern won 17-14 over the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Recaps today by Kevin Thomas and Dshu.