Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Game Recaps

2 Orchid Dance Party

Check out the Orchid dance party from the Summer League tournament, and then answer this week’s poll question. Who’s the best dancer?

0 Wine Wins

Wine Cave won the Summer League Men’s division title over the Onyx Lounge. Magic Mike Lichterman has the recap. Pictured here is Wine’s captain Evan Valdes.

1 A Date With Destiny

The Gold Room completed their perfect season with a 17-8 win over the Rainbow Bar & Grill 17-8 Thursday night. Pictured here is Gold’s Lili Gu In Men’s, the Aqua Lounge went the distance with a 20-19 win over the Blu Monkey Bar. Recaps today by myself, in a way.

3 Black is the New Orange

The Black Boar clinched the final first round bye in Co-ed with a 17-15 win over the Ranch Saloon in Orange County Wednesday night. Pictured here is Black’s Sherry Jung. In Men’s, the Wine Cave was all over the Redwood Bar & Grill 17-5. One small recap today by Kevin Thomas.

1 Number ONE-YX

Onyx Lounge defeated the Green Door 17-12 Tuesday night in the epic battle of the top two teams in Men’s. Pictured here is Onyx’s Arthur Corbitt. In Co-ed, the House of Blues bested Pearl’s Liquor Bar 17-8. Recaps today by Cameron Westbury and Qiao Li.

1 Minty Fresh Win

The Mint won 17-9 over Wood & Vine Monday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Mint’s Topaz. In Men’s, the Whithorse Inn knocked down the Copper Bucket 17-10. Recaps today by James Renfroe and Gary Molano.

1 ¡Viva El Partido Viernes!

Five games were played on the second Party Friday. Pictured here is Copper Bucket’s Doug McLaughlin. Recaps today by myself, Magic Mike, b-saus, Joy Park-Thomas, Josh Wiensch and a link to David Reed’s live tweets of his game.

2 Silver Cuts Into Wood

The Silverlake Lounge kept Wood & Vine from their first victory of the season with a 17-14 Thursday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Silver’s Maggie Jackson. One recap today by Stephen Thies.

0 Redwood Escapes Cellar

The Redwood Bar & Grill topped the Blu Monkey Bar 17-13 Wednesday night in Men’s. Pictured here is Red’s Bonus. In Co-ed, The Mint took the victory 17-11 over the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Only one short recap today by Gary Molano.

2 First Round Bye. Who Wants One?

The Ranch Saloon of Orange County edged out the Green Street Tavern 17-15 to keep a hold on the final first round bye in Co-ed. Pictured here is Orange’s Bryce Collins. Also in Co-ed, the Orchid defeated the Rainbow Bar & Grill 17-11. Recaps today by Remy Schor, Blitzkrieg and Trisha Roberson.