Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Game Recaps

2 First Round Bye. Who Wants One?

The Ranch Saloon of Orange County edged out the Green Street Tavern 17-15 to keep a hold on the final first round bye in Co-ed. Pictured here is Orange’s Bryce Collins. Also in Co-ed, the Orchid defeated the Rainbow Bar & Grill 17-11. Recaps today by Remy Schor, Blitzkrieg and Trisha Roberson.

1 Gold is Good

The Gold Room put it all together to drop The Mint 17-8 in Co-ed Monday night. Pictured here is Gold’s Andrew Helseth. In Men’s, the Onyx Lounge took one over the Whitehorse Inn 17-13. Recaps today by Lili Gu, Julia Johnson and Cameron Westbury.

2 The Mint Keeps Epic Match-Up Intact

Six games were played Friday night, one of which was The Mint’s 17-5 win over the Red Lion Tavern, setting up the epic game tonight against Gold Room. Pictured here is Mint’s Siren. Recaps today by Foca, David Reed, Ethan Lacoe, Cameron Westbury and Peter Van Pelt.

0 Sometimes Nothing Works

The Green Door seemed to do whatever they wanted against the Aqua Lounge in their 17-7 win in Men’s Thursday night. Pictured here is Green’s Eok Ngo. One recap by me.

0 Red Wins Battle of the Taverns

In the only game played Wednesday night, the Red Lion Tavern edged the Green Street Tavern 15-13 in Co-ed. Pictured here is Red’s Dory. Recaps by Sophie Hines and Foca.

0 Gold teeth stain a Pearly white smile

The Gold Room stays undefeated with a 17-5 win over Pearl’s Liquor Bar Tuesday night in Co-ed. Also in Co-ed, the Ranch Saloon in Orange County won 17-7 over Wood & Vine. One recap today by Dot.

1 Who’s House? Orchid’s House!

The Orchid took brought down the House of Blues 15-12 in Co-ed Monday night. Pictured here is Orchid’s Jon Johnstone. In Men’s, the Wine Cave beat the Copper Bucket 15-11. One recap today by Randy Sanchez.

4 The Return of the Recap

One late recap from Cameron Westbury from the Onyx Lounge vs. Aqua Lounge game Friday night where Onyx won 17-12.

Pictured here is Onyx’s Andrew Schwartz.

0 Leaving on a Win

Aqua Lounge beat Redwood Bar & Grill 13-12 Wednesday night in Men’s. And in Co-ed, Red Lion Tavern beat Pearl’s Liquor Bar 17-8. This is the last website recap for a couple weeks while I’ll be in Europe. Spike will be updating the front page standings while I’m away. You can post recaps to the LAOUT Facebook page.

2 Gold Lulls Orchid to Sleep

The Gold Room won the battle of undefeateds 17-7 over The Orchid in Co-ed Tuesday night. Pictured here is Orchid’s Daniel Kwok. In Men’s, the Onyx Loung won 17-10 over the Wine Cave. Recaps today by Blitzkrieg, Lili Gu and Cameron Westbury.