Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Game Recaps

1 Good Night For the O-fers

Two teams got their first wins of the season Wednesday night. In Men’s, Blue Sky Blonde beat Midnight Toker 15-9. Pictured here is Blue’s T-Tom. In Co-ed, Yellow Submarine had a huge comeback win against Blue Sage 15-12. Recaps today by Thies, Cuda and Adam Subhas.

0 Purple Survived

Purple Urkle barely beat out Rose Marie 15-13 in Co-ed. Pictured here is Purple’s Max Lloyd. In Men’s, Grape Ape defeated Golden Leaf 15-7. Recap today by James Renfroe, and recap video sung by Emie George and Max.

0 And All That Jazz

Laughing Gas took down the White Haired Lady 15-3 Monday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is White’s Jazzy. In Men’s, Red Dirt beat Jolly Green 15-9. Recaps by Joy Park-Thomas and Joel Uejio.

0 Goddess Smites Rose

Green Goddess held onto to a 15-13 win Friday night over Rose Marie in Co-ed. Pictured here is Green’s Ocho. In Men’s, previously undefeated White Russian fell to Black Bart 15-11. One recap sort of by me.

0 All the Rules Come Into Play

The first tie of the year occurred Thursday night in Men’s as Grape Ape and Red Dirt finished 15-15. Pictured here is Grape’s Stretch. In Co-ed, Black Mote held on for their first win 9-7 over Yellow Submarine. Recaps today by Ginger, James Renfroe and Otto Gomez.

1 Sobering Night For Jolly Green

Midnight Toker put the smack down on Jolly Green 15-7 in Men’s Wednesday night. Pictured here is Midnight’s Sober. In Co-ed, Blue Sage stopped Purple Urkle 15-9. Recaps today by Chris Walthers and Cortez.

0 No Crushin’ the White Russian

White Russian stayed undefeated with a 15-11 win over Blue Sky Blonde Tuesday night in Men’s. Pictured here is White’s Stephen Guerin. Also in Men’s, Black Bart beat Golden Leaf 15-12. Recaps today by Trunks, Thies and Duck.

2 Platinum Shines Bright (or “Honey, I Shrunk the Whites”)

Two close Co-ed games Monday night as Platinum OG won 15-12 over White Haired Lady. And Red Cross won by the same score over Laughing Grass. Pictured here is Platinum’s Tidal. Recaps today by Dot, Joy Park-Thomas, DShu and myself.

1 Who’s Laughing Now?

Blue Sage beat Laughing Grass 15-10 Friday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Blue’s Brandon Severson. In Men’s, Jolly Green edged Blue Sky Blonde 15-13. One recap by me.

2 Mayhem

Everything seemed to go wrong Thursday night. But two games did finish up with Red Cross taking down Rose Marie 15-11, and Green Goddess beating Yellow Submarine 15-8. Pictured here is Erick, Remy, Evan, Rho, Chicago and Andy Dunn. Recaps today by Andy and Scrappy.