Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Game Recaps

0 Grass Grows Over Rose

Laughing Grass defeated Rose Marie 15-8 Monday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Grass’s Elmo. In Men’s, Midnight Toker brought down Red Dirt 15-10. Recaps today by myself and Nils Turner.

1 Bart Slays Jolly Green With His Sling Shot

Black Bart dropped Jolly Green 15-6 Friday night in Men’s. Pictured here is Men’s Will Beyer. In Co-ed, Laughing Grass stopped Yellow Submarine 15-10. Recaps today by Darren Whitwood, Duck and Cuda.

7 Platinum Called Red. And Red Raises.

Red Cross stays undefeated with a 15-11 win over Black Mote Thursday night in Co-ed, to stay a half game ahead of Platinum. Pictured here is Red’s Christi Betz. In Men’s, Grape Ape was all over Red Dirt 15-8. Recaps today by Maggie Griffin and James Renfroe.

0 20

Platinum OG keeps the undefeated streak alive with a 15-9 win over Green Goddess Wednesday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Platinum’s David Canter. In Men’s, Midnight Toker took out Jolly Green 15-10. Recaps today by Dot and Nils Turner.

2 The Lady is Rising

White Haired Lady got revenge on Purple Urkle, winning 15-12 Tuesday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is White’s Onyx. Also in Co-ed, Blue Sage bested Rose Marie 15-10. Recaps today by Joy Park-Thomas, Sparta and Brandon Severson.

0 The First Place Oreo

White and Black stayed in first place Monday night in Men’s. Black Bart took down Golden Leaf 15-8. Pictured here is Black’s Ethan Lacoe. And White Russian edged Blue Sky Blonde 15-13. Recaps today by Duck, Trunks and Thies.

0 Five Teams. One Half Game.

Midnight Toker won an amazing come-from-behind game with their backs to the wall against Red Dirt 17-16 in Men’s Friday night. Pictured here is Midnight’s Craig Cahillane. One recap by Joel Uejio.

4 Men Are Tightening Up

Grape Ape’s 15-11 victory over White Russian Thursday night in men’s created a 4-way tie for first place. Pictured here is Grape’s flying Urian D’Silva. In Co-ed, White Haired Lady held off Yellow Submarine 15-12. Recaps today by James Renfroe, Trunks, Joy Park-Thomas and Cuda.

2 Black and Blue

Wednesday night, co-ed Blue beat Black 15-11. Men’s Black beat Blue 15-5. Pictured here is Blue’s Carissa Dorson. One recap today by Fish.

0 Hellion of a Win for Platinum

On a Tuesday night when many current and former USC Hellions and their coaches were out in full force, Platinum OG remained undefeated with a 16-14 win over Rose Marie in Co-ed. Also in Co-ed, Purple Urkle set down Laughing Grass 15-11. Recaps today by Dot and Seth Gillum.