Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Winter League


Rooks almost finally won one. But they fell 16-14 to Kapow! Thursday night. Pictured here is Kapow’s Russell Faulconer. And AFO edged Animal Style 15-12. Recaps today by Mark Baker, Colin Whitman and Remy Schor.

2 Tarmac Gets Topped

Top Shelf defeated Tarmac 11-4 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Top Shelf’s Buster. Also, Goonies Never Die!!! brought down Solidarity 14-7. One recap today by Duck.

0 Often Licked, Never Badgered

Marshall beat the Honey Badgers 15-4. Pictured here is Marshall’s MER. And Retro defeated the Huck & Chuck Show 12-8. Recaps today by myself and Scott Lensing.

0 The Rain-Out That Wasn’t Rained Out

Monday night Sky Life and Kong agreed to cancel their game due to rain although the field did not cancel it. In case this comes up again, I just wanted to give you the full explanation of how this works.

5 Elite Retro

Retro knocked down Tarmac 15-5 Thursday night. Pictured here is Retro’s Licious. Also, the Huck and Chuck Show beat Solidarity 13-8. One recap today by Mike Peebler.

3 Assassinated By a Ninja

Ninja Squirtles won 15-8 over Marshall Wednesday night. Pictured here is Ninja’s scintillating Cortez and Rigby. Also, Top Shelf beat Rooks 15-2. Recaps today by moi, Chuck LaForte and Colin Whitman.

2 Winning It Animal Style

Animal Style was all over Kapow! 15-3 Tuesday night. Pictured here is Animal’s Snatch. Also, the Honey Badgers eeked a 15-13 win over Goonies Never Die!!! Recaps today by Joanna Whitney and Mark Baker.

0 Can we Mulligan the first half?

Kong and Retro played a perfectly tied second half Wednesday night. Oh, but that first half. Kong won 15-9. Pictured here is Kong’s Chris Feeney. Ninja Squirtles took down Animal Style 15-4. Recaps today by Peebs, Nay Saldana & Q.

1 Tarmac Grounds the Rooks

Tarmac brought down the Rooks 15-6 Tuesday night. Pictured here is Tarmac’s Sparta. And Kapow! took one from Solidarity 14-10. Recaps today by Colin Whitman, Liverpool and Julia Wallace.

1 Goonies Always Don’t Die

Two new teams played Thursday night, and both dominated. Goonies Never Die beat up Kapow 15-7. Pictured here is Goonies’ Chicago. And Animal Style knocked out the Honey Badgers 15-4. Recaps today by Stephen Guerin, Mark Baker and Joanna Whitney.