Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Winter League

2 Retro Video

The future is Retro.

0 Marshall Puts a Wrench in RRI

Marshall beat AFO 15-7 Thursday night. Pictured here is Marshall’s Dave Knight. Recap by me. RRI and final standings not yet updated. Hold tight for that.

1 Goonies Can’t Down the Top Shelf

Top Shelf beat Goonies Never Die!!! 11-7 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Top Shelf’s Bacon. And Sky Life bested the Honey Badgers 15-6. One recap today by Duck.

0 The Age of the Ninja

Ninja Squirtles beat Kong 15-8 Tuesday night. Pictured here is Ninja’s Allen Lai. And Kapow! ended their season with a win over Rooks 15-8. Recap today by Mark Baker. Artwork by Spike.

1 Tarmac Ends Rooks Winning Streak at One

Tarmac beat Rooks 12-10 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Tarmac’s Nicky Mansfield. And AFO topped Ninja Squirtles 15-12. Recap by Colin Whitman, animation by Spike and haiku by Remy Schor.

5 Does RRI Understand Ties?

The Huck and Chuck Show played to a 12-12 tie with Goonies Never Die!!! Tuesday night. Pictured here is Goonies’ James Lumsden. And Kapow! held off a late run from Solidarity 15-12. Recaps today by Chris Walthers and Liverpool.

3 Universe!

This is not click bait. You need to read Bacon’s recap of the AFO/Kong game Wednesday night, complete with stats. I’m not gonna tell you who won. More fun to read it. Also Ninja Squirtles beat Retro 15-10.

4 The Streak is OVER!!!!

The Rooks finally won one with a 15-13 victory over Solidarity Tuesday night. Pictured here is Rooks’ Cuda. And the Huck and Chuck Show beat Tarmac 15-7. Recaps today by Colin Whitman and Andrew Mueth.

0 Goonies Never Sky

Sky Life flew over Goonies Never Die 15-10 Thursday night. Pictured here is Sky Life’s Danny Le. And AFO dispatched Retro 15-11. One recap today by Woz.

0 Kong Knows How To Do It Animal Style Too

Kong beat Animal Style 15-6 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Kong’s Scott Mahr and Emily Haranin. And Ninja Squirtles overcame Top Shelf 15-2. Recaps today by Nay Saldana and Spike.