Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Winter League

0 Winter League 2015

Winter League registration is open for 2015. Email andybandit@gmail.com to register a team. And there’s changes in format and location this year.

0 Swine Before Pearls

The Black Boar just got past Pearl’s Liquid Bar 17-15 Wednesday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Black’s Tim Armstrong, appropriately riding a boar. Also in Co-ed, the Silverlake Lounge bested the Rainbow Bar & Grill 17-13. Recaps today by Spike, Joy Park-Thomas and Scrappy.

20 Anatomy of a DQ

Winter League TD Mike Peebler discusses the Top Shelf disqualification at the tournament on Saturday in A Division, allowing Retro to move on to finals after a 13-6 loss.

0 What an Ending!

Big upset on the final day of the season as Sky Life beat Kong 15-12 Thursday night in Elite. Pictured here is Sky Life’s Doug Duquette. In B Division, Ministry of Silly Hucks won the regular season title with a 15-10 win over Hucking in Tents. Recaps today by Rob Armstrong and Damon Alexander. All standings are now final.

0 Retro Completes the Sweep

Retro goes undefeated with a 15-7 win over Top Shelf Wednesday night in A Division. Pictured here is Retro’s Eugene Rice. In Elite, AFO downed Marshall 15-13. Recaps today by Licious and I.

0 Finally, BaconZilla with the W

BaconZilla pulled their first win out, beating Tarmac 15-7 Tuesday night in A Division. Pictured here is Bacon’s Jazzy. Also in A, the Huck and Chuck Show topped the Honey Badgers 15-9. And in B Division, TIE Penguins took down Mojo 15-9. Recaps today by Hot Sauce, Adam Lane and Short Bus.

0 Fresh Pots Keep Rooks Winless For 2nd Year in a Row

Fresh Pots held back the Rooks 15-8 Monday night in B Division. Pictured here is Fresh Pots’ Daniel Kwok. And Kapow! beat Solidarity 15-10. Recaps today by Colin Whitman and Mark Baker.

0 Kapow almost became the Ministry of Silly Comebacks

Ministry of Silly Hucks held on for a 15-13 win over Kapow! Thursday night in B Division. Pictured here is Ministry’s Carl Edwards and Grant Cairns. Also in B, Fresh Pots beat Hucking in Tents 15-12. Recaps today by Mark Baker and Method Man.

0 Putting the Toppings on Bacon

Top Shelf got a 15-6 win over BaconZilla Wednesday night in A Division. Pictured here is Top Shelf’s Shaun Murphy. And in B Division, Solidarity won 9-8 over Mojo. Recaps today by Shaun, Lili Gu and Jairo Galdamez.

0 Lights Out On Universe

Ninja Squirtles and Marshall played to a 16-16 tie in elite Tuesday night. Pictured here is Squirtles’ Turok. And in A Division, Retro stopped Let’s Get Horizontal 15-7. Recaps today by moi and Thies.