Here’s the contact information for the captains of each team:

A Division
AFO – Jeff Chai
Abominable Snowmen – Devin Miller
Entanglement – Andy Kennett
The Huck and Chuck Show – Daniel Schlabach
Ice Ice Baby – Christopher Ludwig
Kong – Alex David
Marshall – Seth Gillum
Sky Life – Rob Armstrong
Tarmac – James Renfroe
Top Shelf – Todd Krumpe

B Division
Chalant – Ryan Flegal
Disc Jockeys – Johnny LamĀ
Dream Team – Jacob Dion-Kindem
Flick Tease – Leland Waters
Fresh Pots – Mike Endreola
Hucking In Tents – Mark Wasiljew
Leggo My Tractor – Agatha Hodsman
Let’s Get Horizontal – Kalle Tompros
Retro – Crissy Vega
Solidarity – Tiffany Wallace

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