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LAOUT is teaming up with PickupUltimate.com, a great ultimate community project that was designed to create a database of all of the pickup games in the world.

Use the map below to view local Los Angeles games, or check out even more features by visiting PickupUltimate.com.

Pickup Ultimate

The site was designed as a way for ultimate players to find pickup games, and for pickup game moderators to create and monitor their games.  You can also use the site to make comments about your game and stay on top of changes with RSS feeds. The process is very simple, and outlined on pickupultimate.com.

If you are a Los Angeles pickup game coordinator, we strongly suggest listing your game on this site.

Check it out!

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  1. The JBHS Fullboar Ultimate Team is looking for a team or pick up players to scrimmage wed may 4th 7pm in Burbank. The Team is going up north to try and bring the cal. state Ultimate high school championships down south. Please help prepare the only so cal team competing this year. contact John Babin at teambabin1@charter.net

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